Where does the time go?

Seems like only yesterday that I wrote of my plans to get this new version of Mary’s Pixels up and running and now we’re halfway through February. Ah well – I’m willing to bet that no one who reads this hasn’t suffered that amazing feeling that time is flying by at light speed. Or more.

And the time has not been wasted – I’m happily involved in challenges on Google+ and Flickr, working with kids and, best of all, getting to know my baby granddaughter who turned 4 months yesterday!! Yea!!!

You might as well know now that I am a compulsive person and my compulsion is to keep busy. Sitting idle drives me crazy. In meetings I knit or doodle to keep my hands busy and let my brain focus on what I’m listening to. Just the way I compulsively need a camera within reach at all times so I can keep my eyes busy looking at the world around me.

Anyway – have a good week and I’ll write more soon.


Hi there!

I’ve been promising for months that I was going to change Mary’s Pixels and today is the day. It’ll look better shortly as I get my housekeeping in order. Hang in there, please.

Keep Smiling,